Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Excellence Eh...

As millions of Canadians did, I spent the afternoon today watching the Canadian women's soccer team put on a display of soccer excellence that kept us on the edge of our seats for 120 + minutes. My daughter and me watched with pride as Christine Sinclair opened,answered and then pulled ahead again to stretch the dominant force that is the US women's team. Only to be equalized by a tying goal that will be argued over for the next four years. After a decade of losses and heartbreaking ties, the Canadian team took the Americans to the limit and held them there until the final seconds of extra,extra time. We were into injury time with a shootout only moments away when the US  striker Alex Morgan dashed the hopes of an entire country with a perfectly timed header. The monumental sense of the moment was palpable,as was the gut wrenching and almost unbelievable ending. For over two hours,Team Canada. Showed the world that not only were they ready to compete,they were physically and mentally ready to win and challenge  Japan for gold. Instead, they will play France now for bronze, which I will also watch with renewed hope of a podium spot and an old score to settle there also.

 In my opinion, Team Canada and captain Christine Sinclair provided us with an Olympic memory in this game that will elevate women's soccer not just in North America,but around the world for some time to come. They can all walk away from this game knowing that for 120 minutes, they were the best team in the world because they were beating the best team in the world. Questionable officiating aside, and regardless of the outcome in the bronze medal game, this match was the highlight of the 2012 Olympics for me.

Sinclair tweeted before the match, " Olympics,semifinal, Canada vs. US -Old Trafford. Nothing else has to be said"



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