Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boston ...

Just over two weeks has now passed since the tragic events of the Boston Marathon Bombings and surprisingly, we are already talking about the court proceedings that will ensue for the younger half of the terrorist twosome. Once identified, the two culprits were the subject of a 24 hr man hunt, that was a domestic show of force the likes of which we have not seen before. Over 9,000 police,military and alphabet agency personnel descended upon the city of Boston, fully outfitted for urban warfare in armed personnel carriers with weapons drawn. For a day, the traumatized residents of the original tea party city, (the day after patriot day) hunkered down in their homes glued to the television sets watching live coverage of the man hunt, while the survivors of this horrific act of cowardice lay in hospital beds all across the city awaiting their turn in operating rooms or in recovery rooms contemplating their futures. The older brother (Tamerlain Tsarnaev) now resides on a cold slab of metal in the city morgue,with a tire track on his chest and his body full of lead. His younger brother, (Dzoakhar) also wounded and scarred by the very same explosives he intended to use on more innocents...is behind bars awaiting news of his fate. The death penalty remains an option under  Massachusetts common law.

It is hard for any sane person to imagine the inner workings of a mind that justifies the deliberate taking of innocent life in the name of any cause. The moral trade offs and self delusion that constructs a belief system where this type of senseless act is somehow seen as heroic, is twisted and perverse indeed. It is further complicated by a media driven world that gives place to the telling of these tragic tales and a brief period of infamy and notoriety for the criminally insane. Perhaps it is not something we really need to understand further, other than to call it what it is, evil. Plain and simple. This type of radicalism cannot be tolerated.

With regard to the implications of the attack, well,travel in and to the USA will change again in terms of the level of preventive security measures they take. We will learn to live with this. For the sake of our collective security and preservation of our free societies, we must, as the Canadian government's anti-terror strategy suggests; prevent, detect, deny and respond to any threat. Expect changes at the federal level in terms of our security policy as a result of this tragic event. Bill S-7 was taken off the shelf and reintroduced in The House of Commons last week and deals specifically with the treatment of terror suspects in a preventive manner. It subsequently passed and awaits approval in the Senate. While this makes imminent sense to do so, we must diligently balance our need for security and the pursuit of it with the preservation of our rights and freedoms because they could be the first casualty in a renewed war on terror, homegrown or otherwise.

What does all of this mean? Simply put,

 "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto".


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