Sunday, July 28, 2013

Construction & Change ...

Well, after much planning, deliberation and volunteer effort, Phase One of the Downtown Plan Infrastructure upgrade is under way. Over the next 6-7 weeks you will see and experience construction in the downtown core of Trail. The finished product will be worth the effort and it will represent the beginning of the transformation that our community will undergo over the next few years. I take this opportunity to remind all that this is the first of three phases that are currently planned.

Phase One will see new entrance features created on Bay, Cedar and Pine. Crosswalks will be redesigned, curbs redone and islands created.Traffic patterns will shift and the general appearance of our Downtown Corridor will be greatly improved. More importantly pedestrian and motorist safety will improve due to some of the traffic pattern shifts. A general slowdown of traffic through the downtown corridor is also a typical secondary impact of renewal projects such as ours. What people will notice more than anything as they go about their daily business - is that a change has taken place. It may require some minor shifts in daily routines ,however I can assure you that the changes we live with today are the building blocks towards the community we all want for tomorrow. Change is the only constant in a growing and thriving community. Embracing this change and working towards a new Downtown Core with a true sense of place and community- is the path we must choose.

I want to thank all members of the DOAC Committee (past and present) for their input,work and effort in getting us to this stage. It has been a collaborative team effort from the beginning- between local residents, business owners, council and city staff. This cooperation will continue as we execute the plan and it comes to life. Patience will be required of all as the project commences and the sounds of construction are heard by many. This is the price of progress and I ask that we keep this in mind over the next few months. The City will provide timely updates and notices to the public of any changes to traffic patterns via Facebook, Twitter and traditional media. I look forward to seeing the plan take shape and our sense of community in the Downtown grow.


Kevin Jolly