Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Platform Position 2 ...
I support the construction of the Riverfront Centre Project. Ultimately it will be the voting public that decides the future of this project on Nov 15th. The cost to residential taxpayers on the construction of the facility works out to be just over $20.00 dollars per 100K of property assessment per year. This facility will be a modern gathering place with multi use spaces, up to date technology and it will be a place to celebrate our rich cultural heritage. Once constructed, it will form the centerpiece for the civic plaza on the waterfront. I am hopeful that we have the collective vision to see the anchoring effect a project of this nature could have on our downtown. Lastly, I wish to point out that the concept design drawings of the facility located on the City website are just that, conceptual. There have been no final decisions made as to what the external fa├žade of the structure will look like at this time. That process will take place at a later date, if approved.

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