Friday, October 31, 2014

Platform Positions 9  & 10 ...

9) In 2013 the City approved a tax exemption by law (five year window) that allowed businesses in the downtown to receive up to a 10 year tax exemption on improvements to their buildings that increased the taxable value of the property in excess of $10,000.00. The City then expanded this program in early 2014 to include all businesses across the entire City of Trail for the balance of the bylaw term. I support the revitalization of our communities business real estate assets and this bylaw is a tangible way of doing that. For those who are looking to renovate and improve their business properties in Trail - the time is NOW.

10) I had a conversation last weekend with a few residents about the All Wheel Park (skate park) and their comments really got me thinking about the process this project has gone through and what will be required to get the park built. Although I have only considered this project once while on council and did vote in favor of the cost sharing arrangement 50/50. I am now convinced that the City will have to shift/reorganize some other projects and increase its financial participation to get the All Wheel Park built in this next term.

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